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Development of successful online store

- Case study. Information and material gathering

We collect all information and material about a project, make a preliminary study, research to determine all necessary steps and to get clear picture of the online store tasks and goals to achieve, analyze target audience that the store will attract to ensure the success of your e-commerce project.

- Project planning

We create the mockup and sitemap on the base of collected information to define a solid and intuitive navigation structure and give an idea how the entire site will look like.

The main reason of the sitemap is to build a user-friendly well-structured and easy to navigate website.

At this stage we define which framework and CMS we are going to use for e-commerce development in accordance with the latest standards and requirements.

- Creating a design

We take care of the unique design with accordance to the newest trends and project needs.

All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is created at this step. We use all the info that was gathered through the first phase. At this point we create website layout that might be sketch or graphic design. The aim of the layout is to show the information structure, visualize the content, and demonstrate the basic functional. It contains colors, logos, images and give a general understanding of the future web.

At this stage the customer can review the layout and send us his feedback. If the client is not sure about some aspects of the design, we will change the layout and send it back to him. This cycle will be repeated until the customer is completely satisfied.

We offer online stores designed with the most powerful technology on the market and adapted to all mobile devices with an intuitive system so you can easily manage your products and orders.

- SEO focused Content writing

As a rule, the client provides website content ready to migrate to the site. But we know that content has to be optimized to reach the right audience. So the content writing involves effective headlines creation, text editing, writing new text, compiling the existing text, etc. It is time taking process. But the right content is one of the key of a successful web.

- Deploying and coding on local server

This is when we build the website itself. We use all graphic elements that have been designed previously. We use most efficient and innovative engines, frameworks and CMS platforms.
All web pages are created according to elaborated sitemap and mockup. We add special features and interactivity to create attractive and modern product. During web coding and deploying we deeply take into consideration all rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help your site to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Valid code or platform is very important for SEO.

- Testing and preview on staging server

Once the project passes code control and test control successfully, then a web store is pushed to demo server, where the client can preview the result. This is when the client makes a final test, check all pages, make comments and feedbacks for final modifications.

- Preparation of production server and launch

We study the most appropriate option for each project according to its characteristics, and provide all needed server administration tasks. We optimize the dedicated server or VPN for your e-commerce to get the performance and speed of your project.
We prepare, configure and tune our production server in accordance with the web specifications and needs. On acceptance from the client our developers pull web store from staging server to production. This is when e-commerce is open for the public.

- Maintenance: updates and bug fixing

That is normal that after launch there might be small bugs and issues in the system. Feedback system allow us to detect possible problems the end-users face and correct them. The other important thing is keeping your website up to date. We also perform regular updates that will prevent your store from bugs and decrease security risks.

You should remember it is not enough to create web store. To have successful and profitable project the post-launch period is very significant and has to go together with complex marketing strategy. Your project should be agile and flexible enough to have a possibility to adapt website according to new trends and users’ feedback.

Analytics & Marketing

- Analysis

We study and analyze the market in general to identify your closest online competitors and where our customers are now in order to promote the product or service with more success.

- Marketing strategy creation

At this point we define objectives and decide the best suitable strategy to get the clear idea how we will achieve our goals. We define objectives, choose marketing tools and tactics to be used to promote your project.

- Web positioning

At this stage we implement marketing strategy to achieve maximum web positioning which is a balance of Search Engine Positioning (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Visitor Experience Optimization (VEO). The positioning is designed to gain comparable advantages in each area to drive consistent targeted visitors to your web site.
Our web positioning service will improve the visibility of your online store in the most used search engines. We use the all marketing tools to achieve that your online store is listed in the top positions in Google, Bing and other search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - NATURAL / ORGANIC POSITIONING that allows a website to appear in the first search results of the main search engines thanks to the good use of keywords and website management, without paying for it. This is what we do in order to achieve best results:
Defining correct landing pages, content revision including page titles and descriptions, images and videos, page linking, closing unnecessary pages from indexation, Google Analytics and Search Console integration. Code optimization which includes loading page speed increase and monitoring, Green zone for Google Page Speed Insights, meta tags revision (title, description, keywords), schema.org checkup, SSL certificate implementation, Mobile Friendly checking, search friendly links formatting, correct redirect, correct pages with errors, searching referring sites.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – POSITIONING by context, display and video advertising (pay per click ads). Through timely optimization we achieve a more efficient and fast return on investment (ROI) and thus increase sales.
We create your Adwords campaign. If you already have it, we review it, optimize it and manage it. We regularly access your Adwords campaign to measure the results and, in this way, maximize your investment.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) - POSITIONING IN SOCIAL NETWORKS. We analyze the actions that are carried out in social media: forums, blogs, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) about your company. We manage and improve the positioning of your company, as well as by paid advertising, in social networks in order to amplify a positive image of products and services.

VEO (Visitor Experience Optimization) – besides your web has to be user-friendly and intuitive, it has to be as alive entity. Interaction and constant updated content as well as catching offers and promotions, interesting contests and videos, opt in lists for monthly newsletters, surveys, feedbacks and reviews is a must in order for your customer to get best experience from your web and stay in permanent touch with your store. We use all these tactics and tools to keep every end user of the store satisfied.

Email marketing campaign - as a part of VEO we carry out professional and quality email marketing campaigns, prepare template designs according to the client's needs, analyze and manage the newsletter campaigns to achieve the objectives effectively.

- Analytics, Control and Improvement

We monitor the results with the efficiency markers (KPI, ROI, CPA, LTV, etc.) based on different time frames to keep the project profitable. Online marketing is continues and time taking process. In order to be successful we also need to continuously improve the web store as a reaction to the following changes: competition optimizes their stores too, search engines continuously changing algorithm, online marketplace is continuously evolving, search user behavior changes.


AMAZON as a marketing tool and additional sales channel. We have a large experience in selling products in Amazon. We take care of integrating your online store with Amazon, we prepare and manage your Amazon account, we do analysis of sales, etc., so you can work with the best platform for selling online products in the world and also get a quick idea of your bestselling product and market entry gate. Potential customers who buy from Amazon can discover their products and their brand gains visibility both nationally and internationally.

MULTINATIONAL SALES ONLINE - We help to export your products. We make a global and deep study of the international market and localize the contents and products offered in the countries with the highest sales volumes. We study the specificities of the country (customs, lifestyles and propensity to buy online), competition, local regulations, pricing policy, appropriate payment methods, etc. We adapt the content of your online store to foreign visitors to increase the number of customers and increase sales.

Dropshipping solution

Our business idea as part of Dropshipping service is to give manufacturers / suppliers the opportunity to sell directly to the final customer without distributors and retailers at the most competitive prices in the market. We take care of the creation of your new online store, its maintenance, positioning, marketing and online sales. The manufacturer / supplier will take care of what he has done so far, continue to produce and serve his products to the end customer. It is charged instantly and a commission is paid to our team for the work done. That is, it does not require an investment of time and money for the manufacturer / supplier and there is no risk, because we take care of everything!
We are not just sellers. We are Dropshipper sellers - it has an advantage: lowest product prices, minimum delivery time, immediate payments, minimum investment, product / brand recognition. Our goal is to sell! And sell a lot both nationally and internationally.

Print software for E-commerce

Beside standard online stores development, we provide integrated solutions for printing companies. Sell to print software allows you easily create and process digital printings such as photo books, calendars, customized gifts, personalized and custom promotional products. Our multi-task product designer fits any printing business, from a small printing company to a large enterprise. Our product designer is developed on HTML5 and JS which makes it totally responsive and mobile friendly compared to old flash based technology. It is mobile friendly, highly intuitive and efficient. End user can create his design in a minute from any device. No complicated editing tools, no messy interface. Everything is designed to let your customer create the design project on the fly. An automatic collage creator will distribute all desired photos in few moments. Project downloader allow you receive all printing orders automatically and distribute them to needed folder as well as get production sheet for controlling and printing process organization. No headache, just use downloaded photos for manual or automatic printing. Our specially developed print e-commerce platform allows you to control all process from purchase to delivery. Try our product examples here.

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