E-commerce development and marketing

01. Analysis

Any Online store or Website development begins with planning, which includes research, collecting data, and utilizing references.

02. Planning

We define e-commerce framework or CMS for development according to the specifications in order to deliver the best result in time.

03. Design

Our company designs multiple versions of logos, mockups untill we meet the customer's expectations.

04. Development

This is when we build the website itself. We use most efficient and innovative engines, frameworks and CMS platforms.

05. Testing

QA engineers perform testing upon delivery of each milestone. We provide a stable version to our clients for personal acceptance testing.

06. Launch

Once the project passes code control and test control successfully, then the web store is pushed to demo server, where the client can preview the result. The client makes final tests and we launch the project.

07. Maintenance

Through monthly payments our company establishes a dedicated team to maintain your project on a continuing basis.